Health ingredients and additives for animal health 

  • Given the dramatic rise in anti-microbial resistance (ref) the WHO have put strong pressure on the veterinary world to reduce the use of antibiotics, banned virtually worldwide for their use as growth promoters. The authorities now also regulate the use of antibiotics as a preventive, and have even gone so far as to ban their use for curative purposes. 
  • Finding alternatives to antibiotics to promote, and maintain good animal health is critical. 
  • Some microalgae have long demonstrated a capability in fighting infections in fish(Ref.1).  
  • More recently, research on the sulphated exo-polysaccharides (sEPS) produced by specific strains of microalgae have demonstrated immunostimulant properties, limiting the attachment of bacteria ( Ref.2), and even shown to have antibacterial and antiviral activity (Ref.3).
  • In addition, microalgae are also capable of reducing oxidative stress (Ref.4) with positive effects on animal health and resilience.

Your benefits

  • Bioactive ingredients with immunostimulant properties 
  • Limit the need for antibiotics by improving the animal’s natural immune system   
  • Supports the development of an efficient and strong immune system in young animals; for better protection throughout their lives
  • A way to enhance the effects of vaccination, and innate immunity when vaccination is not possible for example in shrimp
  • Optimum intestinal health owing to a better digestive efficiency (conversion index), a decrease in stress-related inflammation and a preservation of intestinal flora
  • Ingredients that can be formulated into final products for fish, shrimps, livestock, and pets, which can then be exported globally
  • Natural and sustainable ingredients that will contribute to better requested by the end consumer
The product

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