Inalve’s microalgae cultivation system (Biofilm Tech) is designed to be installed on site.  

  • The Biofilm Tech is efficient, easy to use, and requires limited manpower.
  • Microalgae is harvested directly from the Biofilm Tech in the form of a concentrated paste (raw microalgae).
  • Guaranteed production, without GMOs,  pesticides or toxic heavy metals.
  • Our raw microalgae has been trialed successfully with marine species.
  • Our natural approach fits with the qualitative strategy of the entire aquaculture production chain.  
  • Replication of the natural food chain.

Your benefits

  • A continuous supply of living microalgae. 
  • Adapted to the growing demand for natural and sustainable feed and food.
  • Low electricity and water consumption.
  • Direct harvesting technology, removing the need for other equipment. 
  • Feeding trials with inalve's microalgae have shown a reduction in mortality, and an improvement in the oyster flesh index (in real field conditions).
  • Requires little space and time to operate, giving you more time for your core business operations.