Feeding animals naturally

Grow microalgae using an innovative industrial process
Use natural resources, sun, sea and C02
Enrich microalgae for various industries, animal nutrition and health in particular

Patented technology

The patented process unlocks the potential of biofilms.   
We have developed a unique technology which can cultivate microalgae in a biofilm using only water, sunlight, CO2 and minerals.  This process significantly increases productivity, resulting in a more efficient use of resources. The patented process results in a highly concentrated biomass that has unique physical and nutritional properties.

Sustainable Process

We minimise our impact on the environment throughout our production process. A Life Cycle Analysis, LCA, was conducted to validate our production’s claim on sustainability, and verify its scalability.
Unique ecological ingredients for animal feed. 

  • Compared to crops:
    • Non-GMO
    • No pesticides
    • Requires 60 times less land
  • Compared to existing microalgae production systems:
    • 70% less water
    • 50% less energy
  • Absorption of 2kg atmospheric CO2 per kg of algaemeal.